The AQT Accelerator brings all of our services together under a single heading. It is intended for companies, their CEOs and their management teams. The experience shared by our members is also a key component of the concept.

Two good reasons to step into the AQT Accelerator

1. Meet with fellow members, learn and share knowledge and create invaluable partnerships with qualified experts. Spend less time and money and focus on your business.

2. Join our network and be a part of the Quebec’s IT industry portrayal. Together, by proclaiming all the challenges that is facing the IT industry, we can influence governments and decision-makers and ease the financing development and marketing of our IT solutions and services.

Find out about all the AQT Accelerator benefits
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Our services

With the help of its large network, created over 20 years, AQT offers a lot of services and gives you all the tools you need to succeed. Use our Accelerator and start planning your company’s growth.

Networking activities :
Group discussions with fellow experts
Get in touch with our members and their network
1-2-3 GO! Program for emerging companies
Hockey League

Acquisition of the best management and marketing practices for IT companies
More than
15 annual events for expert tips for your entire management team (Finance, Operation, Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.)

International connections
Connect with North American ICT company networks

Financial and professional partners recommendations
Meet with future business collaborator at events , or contact Virginie Gaquière at 514 874-2667, ext. 101 for referral.  

Trade privileges
Discover products and services offered by our ICT and partner members .

ICT company representation

To see all members and collaborators of the AQT Accelerator

Videos of AQT Accelerator Launch (September 21st, 2010)

- Speech by Nicole Martel, CEO of AQT

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