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As a member, your voice adds to hundreds of others that we represent. Overall, we bring out your concerns and the IT industry’s to influence governments and policy makers with a stronger will.
The Quebec Technology Association also works with other organizations across Canada and the United States to join forces and advocate for the needs of the extended IT industry.

The AQT is a member of the "Canadian ICT Federation" run by ITAC . As a result, it communicates regularly with its Canadian counterparts.

AQT is also a member of the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) , which includes many North-American IT associations.

Although we are not a lobbying group, we ensure the promotion and representation of the strengths and challenges that affect your business: for example, in access to specialized resources in marketing, to government programs that meet your needs, environment conducive to research and development, access to financing, etc.

...and the government comes to you!
When we're not going to governments, we bring them to you, including policy makers at the highest levels.

- How to sell to governments?
- What are the expectations and needs of different departments?
- How do you represent yourself, through partner or directly?

As soon as a situation affects the ICT industry, we tackle it!


June 2010

Presented in response to the Digital Economy Strategy Consultations of Canada, the AQT surveyed their technology members through an electronic survey from June 21st to June 25th 2010. Recommendations were issued based on the respondent’s opinions and represents 95% of them.
See the Quebec Association of Technologies’ 4 recommendations . (french version)

You can also consult the position of the ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada).

March 2008
The Quebec government responds favourably to the recommendations in the Gagné report, which suggests instituting tax assistance to encourage high-value-added activities.

To strengthen Quebec’s position in the ICT sector, the Quebec government is setting up a new temporary credit, with a rate of 30% , which can total up to $20,000 a year . It is for businesses with at least six eligible employees ; it is slated to terminate on December 31, 2015 .

This measure replaces the assistance provided through designated sites (Cité du multimédia, Cité du commerce électronique, CNE).

The Quebec Technology Association is keeping a close watch on business eligibility, focuses on innovation as well as eligible operations.

mesures details (section 2.3)
Eligibility criteria
To speak with an officer who administers tax measures : 1 866 870-0437, est. 4

Winter 2008
It is time to think about Quebec’s economic environment, and the place of SMEs. AQT sums up the key news:

Public contracts: A role for SMEs
On February 26, 2008, before an audience of more than 300, including 200 government buyers assembled to participate in the 3rd edition of the ICT trade fair, organized by the MDEIE in conjunction with the Quebec Technology Association, Minister Raymond Bachand shared his thoughts on the ICT industry, stating his desire and commitment to find ways to, as far as possible, use public contracts as a lever for developing our innovative SMEs.

Federal procurement process
The Minister noted that it was the importance placed on SMEs, which generate innovation, that was behind the creation of the  Office of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Reaction to the Gagné report on the purpose of the tax measures
" At the Quebec Technology Association, we congratulate the Group on its work, understanding of the issues and spinoffs to sectors covered by the purpose of the tax measures, as well as the report’s clarity." However, we wonder about the importance that has been given to marketing innovations. There is now no doubt that our industry’s success will be measured in terms of its ability to grow in markets, especially internationally. ” Read the interview with Nicole Martel at Lien Multimédia .

Towards a new economic space for Quebec
On March 3, before several hundred partners, Premier Jean Charest set out the government's action plan to create a new economic space for Quebec. AQT was there.  Read the press release

November 2007
AQT supports the brief tabled by TechnoCompétences, aimed at correcting underfinancing of university computer science programs. Read the press release
Read the brief by TechnoCompétences

October 2007
Réseau inter logiQ represents the ICT industy to two tiers of government. Read the press release

September 2007
Réseau inter logiQ co-signed a brief tabled by TechnoMontréal on the Quebec government’s tax assistance. It specifically addressed the issue of the end of tax credits for designated sites.

In the last decade, the ICT sector has grown constantly. Government levers are part of the equation in maintaining this growth. The recommendations in the brief encourage the provincial government to maintain the principle of tax assistance, but suggest that it not be tied to designated sites.

A strong recommendation was made to redefine Quebec’s economic development strategy, putting the emphasis on innovation and, in particular, on marketing new technologies. It is also important to invest in education and training to ensure the succession in this sector. Further information

Action and Communications
ICT’s powerhouse!

At CEO Vision, Luc Filiatreault, Chair of the Quebec Association of Technology’s Board of Directors, spoke to the crowd, saying that AQT will be the ICT industry’s powerhouse. Responses were many, and highly favourable. The industry has reached a stage at which it must engage in ongoing marketing. To do so, the network plans to engage in a government advocacy campaign in order to set up incentives and programs for marketing ICT. At members’ initiative, a special fund, dedicated exclusively to advocacy, was created. Concrete action has been undertaken. AQT needs you to forge ahead! Contact us if you'd like to be one of the leaders, and get more information.

March 2007 "Pre-budget" Letter to the Honourable Him Flaherty, and his federal counterparts. R ead...

December 2006 Letter from the Chair to members Read...

December 2006 Letter - "Mobilizing Canadian ICT associations"
Réseau inter logiQ, in conjunction with counterparts across Canada, communicated with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to inform him regarding the challenges facing ICT SMEs, asking him to revise his strategies to make Canadian IT firms more competitive. Items raised include: Enhancing R&D credits to enable investments in marketing, support SMEs that invest in ICT to improve productivity, and deal with the shortage of human resources: Institute a strategy to encourage young people to choose careers in computing, to encourage adequate financing: Revise tax law to allow foreign investors to invest through AIM/LSE. Read the letter...

October 2006 Interview – Our policies and programs must take into account the challenges to IT firm growth. "Marketing phases do not receive adequate support." Recently interviewed by Journal Réseaux, Nicole Martel, president and CEO of Réseau inter logiQ notes that there is a crying need for support for marketing. “Without appropriate financial support, many innovative SMEs will not be able to keep up with international competition, even though their products are often very high quality.” Read the article

September 2006 Meeting with Ms. Marie-Lucie Morin, Deputy Minister, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT). Federal government export policies and programs. The AQT profiled IT firms and delineated their needs for export services.

September 2006 Meeting with Mr. Denis Thériault, director, Direction des Technologies de l’Information et des Communications, MDEIE. Meeting to discuss the Quebec government’s strategy and Roadmap for action and support for SMEs.


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