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AQT has a diversified network of members, all joining AQT with growth as a common goal. View the members list

Our network characterizes the industry: With its affiliated associations, RETIC and VETIQ, and 450 corporate and members, AQT paves the way for highly advantageous networking and the creation of profitable strategic partnerships.

AQT is a business network. Members share their expertise and experience, and generate business opportunities that contribute to their business success.
In doing so, they play a role in the industry's vivacity!

AQT membership falls under three broad headings :
Technology firms
Represent over 75% of the membership, including: IT services, Web and telecommunications solutions, software, manufacturing, etc...
Regardless of business size, our members’ technology products and services cover all areas of the economic activity and are sold worldwide: healthcare, security, manufacturing, financial services, etc.

Professional services
Firms that provide the industry with professional services such as: legal services, tax services, strategy, marketing and human resources, etc.

Educational institutions and non-profit organizations
These organizations, including universities, associations and local and international chambers of commerce, are the heart of the industry’s evolution.
The average number of employees per corporate is 35. Most businesses have fewer than 15 employees and a few have over 100, a profile that is comparable to that of all North American firms.
An average IT Firm counts 35 employees. While some companies’ number of staff members is under 15, some others tot up over a hundred employees. This profile is equivalent to most North American IT societies.



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